What is Legal Coaching? 

Legal coaching is when you hire an attorney to help you prepare for your case. In family court, legal coaching is for people who are mediating or negotiating a family law matter, who can’t afford, or don’t want to spend their resources on a lawyer to run their entire case, but want to maximize the available success. A legal coach can provide their clients, who are primarily acting for themselves, with the information, assistance, strategic advice, and practical tips needed to be persuasive in presenting their case. It’s about preparing you to present your case in the most realistically persuasive light.

In the traditional attorney/client relationship, the lawyer handles all tasks associated with representing a client in a lawsuit.

However, with legal coaching you will represent yourself in your case but will receive assistance in the following:

  • Development of a case strategy

  • Preparation of legal documents (Petition, Response, Discovery, Disclosures, etc.)

  • Coaching on courtroom procedure and courtroom etiquette

  • Coaching and preparation for trials and other hearings

With legal coaching you are representing yourself in court but have the peace of mind of having an attorney meet with you to not only prepare you for court but to assist with preparation of court documents.